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    The website is still Under Development so there will be changes and areas that still need to be worked on. But you are more then welcome to sign up and have a look around!

Welcome to ChaoticPvP!

Greetings and Welcome to the ChaoticPvP Website!
Within this platform, you have the opportunity to engage in discussions concerning Vanilla and the Complex Vanilla server. Additionally, you can conveniently access features such as submitting Staff Applications, Ban Appeals, and exploring our forums.

For any assistance or support you require, we encourage you to join our Discord community @ Discord. Through our support ticket system, you can formally submit a support ticket and connect with our dedicated Staff team.

We hope you enjoy your time here and find the resources you seek. Happy browsing!

Helpful Resources
Server IP Addressplay.chaoticpvp.co
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Suggestions and Bug Reports
If you have any suggestions for us, or you would like to report a bug please join our discord server @ Discord where we would be happy to assist you. On our discord you will be able to make a support ticket, suggestions, and bug reports formally. We look forward to seeing you all online --> play.chaoticpvp.co