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Faction Rules


With joining the network you agree that you read, understand and will follow the rules.
You found someone who doesn't follow the rules? Report them here or on our discord!
All rules stated apply to all players, regardless their playtime, rank, or any other identifiers.
The staff team has the right to change the rules at any time, make exceptions under any circumstances and enforce the rules at their own discretion.

The following rules apply to Faction Server only.

Chat Moderation is up to the Complete Discretion of our Staff Team. - Things not allowed in chat include:
- Racism/Discrimination (of any kind)
- Hate Speech
- Doxing/Using Personal Information
- Any form of Threatening that insinuates real life consequences.
- Excessive Bullying/Taunting
- Bypassing our Chat Filter

No Macros / Scripting / client or hard modifications - This includes:
- Printer
- CPS Boosters
- Freecam
- ESP or any other forms of x-ray
- Kill Aura/Mob Aura, Autocrit, Anti-knockback, Reach, Auto-Armor Equip, etc.
- Rebinding your attack key to an alternate key to act as a faster method of clicking.
- Dragclicking is not allowed and will kick you.

- Any player or faction that is defending a base/raid that is not happening to them can not intervene. (this includes running buffers, checking walls, or helping in any way during a live raid.
- You can not counter cannon a faction actively raiding a faction that your not in. This includes setting up a counter cannon, wilderness patching, and pvp.
- You are not allowed to raid a base that another faction is also raiding at the same time. Whoever was caught setting up after the fact will be punished on a faction wide level.
- To raid or defend with a faction, you need to be ONLY playing with that faction. if you are caught swapping factions for raids or rpost you will be punished, as well as the faction.

Note: These rules do not apply to Darkzone/Warzone. These areas are a FREE FOR ALL, and free game. Drop at your own risk.

- For enforcement of the above rules, WE REQUIRE CLIPS. Below are the requirements for Teaming Related Offenses:
- Video must be less than 24 hours old, We will not retroactively enforce this rule
- Videos must include clear evidence that shows members of opposite factions teaming in in order to gain a competitive advantage against another player (EX: Using the f who command on offenders and the player being offended against)
- Video must have no cuts and must not be edited in any way other way (Exceptions may be made on discretion by the staff member for cutting out audio post clip)
- Scoreboard must be shown to prove you are on the ChaoticPvP Network.

- Raid Claims, can be a maximum of 7x7 chunks in size.
- Multiple Raid Claims, are permitted but you must have them 7x7 chunks away from your other raid claim/base claim.
- You may not use Raid Claims, to extend your base claim.
- Raid claims may not include a Base Claim Chunk, to prevent it from disappearing on automatic timers.
- Surrounding your Cannon Boxes in regens is allowed as long as you are within your 7x7 Raid Claim.

Note: You are allowed to have a Sister Faction, but a sister faction can not have a base / claim, it should just be used to rotate online/offline players out of your main faction so you always have a squad of 12 online.

- A max buffer limit of 10 chunks on each side can be around a base.
- Maximum of 2 Base Claims per Faction.
- 45 Regen's are not allowed and will be removed from bases + punishments issued out to factions using this defense.
- Bases can be a maximum of 10x10 chunks, This is not including your buffer which is a maximum of 10 chunks.
- Multi-Layered Walls being used as raid defense are not allowed inside of your 10x10 Base Claim.
- Spawner/Vault boxes are permitted, and players are allowed to water/lava to protect the exterior of them.
- If you have multiple bases, they can not be closer than a minimum of 10 chunks from another base of yours.
- Counter Raid claims are allowed, But they must be a 7x7 distance away from your base claim. This is to avoid you extending your chunk buffer via raid claims. You can still defend raids from your base claims.
- Counter Raiding is only allowed in your own Raid Claims, Your Adjust/Float is only allowed in your own Raid Claims.
- Wilderness defending or adjusting/ Block placing is prohibited. You are not allowed to place or break blocks as a form of defensive OUTSIDE of your claims.
- You are allowed to use CEGGS outside of your claims as a form of counter raiding/defense.
- Making Raid Claims in-between your base claim & a enemies factions raid claim is prohibited.
- You can not extend your raid claims past 7x7, by having a alt faction make raid claims next to you.
- No "Bitch Claiming" -- A Bitch claim can be defined as claiming within the 10 chunk buffer limit of an another faction. If someone in your faction is Bitch Claim under your faction's behalf, the Leader will be punished. NOTE: If you do not claim your buffer 2 days after your initial base claims are made, enemy factions will be allowed to make raid claims in your buffer without punishment.

- No alternate ways to glitch out of combat, If you are combat tagged and you leave combat you will be punished.
- Making alt factions under alt accounts to claim multiple FTOP prizes is strictly forbidden.
- Placing unbreakable blocks of any kind to make your base unraidable is strictly forbidden.
- Personal insults towards other players are not allowed. (anything that is a personal attack to another player, and not normal trash talking)
- No impersonating another member/faction under any circumstance. This includes our discord/ingame. This is up to staff discretion.
- Nether Portal raids are not allowed.
- Scamming, TP Trapping, and Deception is allowed towards enemy factions. If you want to ensure the trade goes through without issues use /trade in a neutral territory, staff will NOT regulate anything that does not involve using /trade or Tags, or our Stores Gift Cards.
- Item Loans, including seasonals and other high value items are not covered. If you loan your item to someone and its not via /trade for a trade do not expect staff to hunt down your item for you.
- You may not use Sand Bots, in order to create regen walls or protect your base / cannon box. They are strictly for Raiding / Cannon Purposes.

- We do not allow inside, backstabbing or betraying of any kind. This will be enforced by staff, when joining a faction you are joining under the assumption that you are there to help them grow, and win the season. If you are seen trying to inside people all of your alts/main account + your faction will all be given strict punishments. If you are kicked or leave a faction you must wait 48 hours to assist in a raid against your old faction, this includes raiding them yourselves or giving out information. (ie: coordinates,etc)
- You can not raid or assist in helping a raid on a faction that you have just left, You must wait 48hours before doing so. This includes sharing coordinates.

Note: Only Faction members betraying you will be considered Insiding.

- We do not allow bots of any kind on our server, though we do allow up to 4 alts per player. You can add up to 30 alts total to your faction through /f alt invite.
- You are not allowed to use an alt account to evade a punishment on another account.
- The usage of alternate accounts/etc. to benefit from events is strictly prohibited.