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Welcome to ChaoticPvP!
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By playing ChaoticPvP, you agree to abide by our rules outlined in the documents below. It’s the player’s responsibility to stay up to date with our rules and will be punished accordingly for breaking them. Our staff team has the right to modify our rules at any time and also are expected to post any significant changes to our rules document in our discord changelog. That being said, it's the players responsibility to keep up with our rules and changelog channel regarding them and 0 excuses of “I didn’t know” will be tolerated. Players have 18 hours from an incident to report it for punishment unless the punishment is possible blacklist. Any attempts to exploit, loophole, or forget evidence within our rules document will punish the rule they manipulated or falsified evidence. All of our regulations fall under staff discretion at the end of the day. If you have any issues or suggestions with the rules document, we would love it if you opened a ticket, as we always enjoy feedback! 

Factions rule document: 
ChaoticPvP Faction Rules - Google Documenten

Skyblock rule document: ChaoticPvP Island Rules - Google Documenten

Prison rule document: ChaoticPVP Prison Rules - Google Docs